Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Thursday, 4 May 2017

New Website

I finally have my own website!  

I've only got a few selected pieces on there, but I hope to update it with more projects down the line.

Here's the link:

Finished Book

The last project at AUB finished! 3 years of my degree has now come to an end. Here's a peak at the printed and bound book. Overall I feel proud that I managed to get this done, but as always, can see the mistakes behind it.

Knowing that I won't have uni work to do anymore, I can't wait to start drawing for fun again. As much as I like turtles, I don't think I'll be drawing them for a while, though...

City Development

This part in my book took the longest for me to develop, and I found it really difficult to draw a city landscape. It took me numerous times on Photoshop before I decided on a final one (shown above). I couldn't quite grasp the right perspective- hence all those unfinished spreads! 

With the 2 previous spreads before this scene, my illustrations seem rounded and soft, and when it came to doing the rough edges of the buildings I felt uncomfortable- maybe this translated through the work. But lesson learnt, either the urban setting isn't for me to draw, or I just need to practice with this environment.

City Research

To inform my finals I took some photos of buildings in Portsmouth & Portsdown Hill. I thought that the overlooking view would help me gain an idea of perspective and scale. 

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Making A Start On Finals

Just a tiny preview into some spreads- not so sure about the first double page of the beach scene (will leave it for now and improve later when I complete more spreads).

I've selected on a blue/ grey theme- adding hints of burgundy, yellow and brown for the turtle so that my main character stands out against the neutrals. 

Now to get more pages done!

Web Workshop

Had an introduction into making a website using Weebly's free template. Just keeping to a simple and minimal theme I think just makes it easier to view the work. Having gathered some past and present work made me realize that I like working with a nautical/ exotic theme- maybe it could be something to expand on (or try something different to gain diversity in my work) in future projects?

Storyboards & Dummy Books

It's taken me a while to strain out the events that happen in my narrative- I've made several attempts at story-boarding, with accompanying mini dummy books. 

Although I find this process to be the most frustrating when producing a book, I just hope it translates better when I do the fun part- making the final spreads.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

3D Model

Decided to do a mini experiment by making something 3 dimensional this time, as opposed to drawing something flat on a sketchbook page. The process of making the model took longer than expected as I had to layer up the paint to build up a good consistency overall. I like the limited colours and think I might continue with this colour scheme when it comes to drawing up my character. 

After making the model I drew my character from different viewpoints just to get more of a feel of its shape. My next steps would be to put the turtle in different situations and continue making storyboards and dummy books; strengthening my narrative.